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Employment Opportunities

Epworth Day School is always interested in receiving applications for employment. A qualified candidate will be able to pass a Criminal Background check, a Child Protective Services background check, provide a negative TB test or screening, and provide a Physician’s Statement indicating that the candidate has no disability that would prevent the person from working with children.

Epworth Day School is also a Christian, faith-based early childhood school. We are looking for teachers who have a relationship with Jesus Christ, who would be good role models for our children, and who are active in their own Christian church family as they grow in their own Christian walk. We want our children and families at Epworth Day School to know of God’s love and provision over His children, and His wonderful gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Below is an Application for Employment. If you are interested in an interview with the Director, please fill out the application and call the school office to set a time to meet with the Director. Job needs are posted with the positions and times needed.

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