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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela
Infant Program: 6 weeks – 12 months

The Infant Nursery offers your child security, nurture, and plenty of activities to develop their growing muscles, minds, and emotions; as they have tummy time, music time, reading time, eye-to-eye contact with staff interaction and individual snuggle time.

​Waddlers Program: 12 months to 18 months

This is the age that your child is learning how to use his or her body. In this room, there is much movement as they “waddle” around using their new skill of walking. There are tunnels to crawl through as they develop arm and body muscles; alongside lots of staff interaction that focuses on words that describe the world and the surroundings to your child.

​Toddler Program: 18- 24 months


Your child participates in an action-packed day of fun and purposeful play inside and outside that enables gross motor skills and enables the fine motor skills to function through games, puzzles, music, puppets, and art processes.

​Younger Two-Year-Old Program: 24-30 months


Your child is developing a sense of self-awareness as they are learning to separate from parents. Your child is also curious about everything. Your child’s day is full of music, art, puzzles, cars and trucks, animals, colors, and “learning to use their words.” It is also the age of beginning to be potty trained, and our staff will work with each family and your child as he or she learns to use the potty.

​Older Two-Year-Old Program: 30-36 months


Your child is still learning about themselves, their bodies, and how to relate to others. This is a very independent stage where your child wants to do everything on his own. We encourage self-dressing, zipping up their coats, and putting their shoes and socks on, along with self-regulation skills of emotions, language development, and lots of body movement as they have “light bulb moments” of a concept about their world and their choices.

​Preschool Program: 3-Year-Old

Your child is mastering self-help skills and increasing their attention spans in group settings. Your child will have a day that is full of hands-on learning centers, which include math, science, language, writing, art processes, music, Bible, and reasoning skills. Fine motor skills are a big focus through activities such as waving, using tweezers, fingerplays and grasping smaller objects as your child prepares for writing.

Pre-K Program: 4-Year-Old

Through play, your child will focus on literacy, writing, math, and science as they develop the necessary skills in kindergarten preparation.  There is also a strong focus on social studies as your child is introduced to different cultures, customs, and people. Your child’s emotional growth incorporates sharing, empathy, and that their actions affect others.

Kindergarten: 5 years old by September 30th

Our full-day Kindergarten program has a rich curriculum that meets all the Domains of Learning through the Virginia Learning Standards. Your child will receive instruction through small groups and individual time. Our goal for your child is to instill a healthy self-confidence, independence, and knowledge that God loves them so that they are ready to enter first grade with an excitement for learning that will last a lifetime.

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